Main Schedule

Check out our main lineup, which includes music, art and theater.

Special Events

Our special events span outside of the normal 5 days and include theater, poetry, visual arts, and photography.

Families & Kids

Check out our families and kids’ activities, and the Chevron Scène des Jeunes lineup.

Chat Room

Check out the artist interviews and more, taking place at the KATC TV3 Chat Room.

Marché des Arts

Here you’ll find fine art works such as paintings, pottery, mixed media sculptures, artisan jewelry and other handcrafted items. All items for sale in this area are personally handcrafted by the artist exhibiting.

Marché du Monde

In our World Market you’ll find commercial imports along with some personally handcrafted items. Enjoy browsing through sculptures, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, instruments and so much more!.

Food & Craft Beer

The rich local culinary and craft beer landscape offers an international experience all in one place. Be sure to check out the wide variety of food offerings and Louisiana brewmaster talks!