Each year, a visual artist is selected to create a piece of artwork to serve as the visual inspiration for the Festival International pin, poster, t-shirts, and other vibrant merchandise. In addition, the artwork guides the overall vibe and theme of the event that year.

As we continue planning for Festival International 2021 during these bizarre times, we are exploring what exactly our event will look like next year. But one thing remains certain: WE NEED ART, MUSIC, AND UNITY. It is our belief that by coming together, we can rise above these challenges to manifest something even greater than before.

The Festival International de Louisiane team is excited to announce that our Official Visual Artist selection process is going to be fresh and exciting for our 35th annual event next spring! Rather than choosing one artist to create a piece of artwork, we will bring together multiple artists with diverse backgrounds and mediums to create a commissioned piece of artwork that is both unifying and unique. The application process is now OPEN until November 25th at midnight.

Our team wants to hear from local Louisiana artists that understand the magic of Festival and feel enlightened to create a powerful and encompassing piece. This collaborative artwork will light the way for Festival and guide us all into a pivotal era.The group of artists for 2021 are encouraged to explore themes of change, growth, awareness, togetherness, creativity and positivity.

You can apply as a group OR as an individual looking to join a group. Application deadline is at midnight on November 25th. Remember, we are looking for diversity across all realms: mediums, styles, themes, ethnic backgrounds, influences and beyond. We are very open to fresh ideas!