Festival International wants all patrons to have an amazing time, and that starts with your arrival! That is why we have made accessibly efficient for those with disabilities too.

Here is our site map and some information about getting around during Festival.


There will be plenty of free accessible parking offered between Thursday – Sunday of Festival. Parking downtown during Festival is very difficult, so we highly recommend attendees use nearby free parking then hop on the shuttle.  Details on where to park in 2019 are coming soon. Stay tuned!

A free accessible shuttle service is also provided. Our shuttle will bring patrons from parking straight downtown to our one and only stop at Barry and Lee Street. All buses are lift-equipped. Shuttles run during Festival hours and until 11:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, midnight on Saturday, and 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.


Festival International is located on the streets and sidewalks of downtown Lafayette. Not all sidewalks are accessible, but many of the streets are closed to vehicles, and pedestrians walk in the street. There are accessible sidewalks along Jefferson Street, along Main St. from Buchanan to Jefferson, along E. Vermillion from Lafayette to Polk, and along the front of the federal courthouse on Lafayette St.


There are viewing areas reserved for people who need accessibility features near the stage at the Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do and at the Scène LUS Internationale. You can access the ADA seating area at Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do directly from Jefferson St., and at Scène LUS Internationale from the Garfield entrance.


There is at least one accessible port-a-let in each bank of portable restrooms at the Festival. Patrons who do not need accessibility features of these restrooms are asked not to use them.


The Festival and the Lafayette Mayor-President’s Awareness Committee for Citizens with Disabilities would like your feedback about access to the festival for people with disabilities. Please feel free to email us with comments, positive or negative, at