When You Join the Ami Program…

  • You showcase your support for what Festival International brings to the community: economic development, cultural education and celebration through performing arts
  • You bring the world’s culture to Lafayette
  • You help the Festival bring International Artists and Street Animation to perform as well as secure activities at the Festival children’s area (Scène des Jeunes)

Every donation is greatly appreciated, no matter how large or small. You make Festival happen!


Helps pay for instrument rentals for stages

  • 100% tax deductible
bon ami

Helps pay for Francophone Outreach School Program

  • Official 2019 Sticker
  • Exclusive Ami T-Shirt
  • 10% discount on all Festival passes
  • 10% discount on all Festival merchandise
  • 100% tax deductible
grand ami

Helps pay for activities at Children’s Area (Scène des Jeunes)

tres bon ami

Helps pay for Street Animation

  • All perks of Bon Ami PLUS
  • Two (2) Lagniappe Passes
  • Stage recognition during Festival International 2019
  • Listing on Festival Website and in Official Festival Guide*
  • Tax deductible less $100
Magnifique ami

Helps pay for bringing an International artist to Festival

  • All perks of Bon Ami PLUS
  • Two (2) Bons Temps Passes
  • Official 2019 Poster
  • Official 2019 Pin
  • Stage recognition during Festival International 2019
  • Listing on Festival Website and in Official Festival Guide*
  • Tax deductible less $300

*Deadline for Festival Guide Listing – FEBRUARY 3, 2019

THANK YOU to our 2019 Amis du Festival!


3M Foundation
Corey and Sarah Barlow
Benjamin Benton
Linden and Geri Bercegeay
Maureen Brennan
Nancy Broussard
Richard and Kathy Broussard
David and Susan Comeaux
Ford and Elizabeth Davis
Kyle and Leslie Digby
Andrew Duhon and Mitzi Moss Duhon
Kenneth Duzan
Thomas and Carmer Falgout
Scott and Peggy Feehan
Glenn and Nikki Futch
Fred and Michelle Girouard
Myra Guidry

Tim Guidry and Joey Mouton
Valerie and Corey Guidry
Michael Helms
Dr. Lewis Hill
Rivers, Christy and Patrick LaBauve
Steven Landry
Alan Broussard and Laura Lawton
Scott and Elizabeth Mayers
Paul Nicoletti
Dr. Kelley Pears
Neysha Perry
James Rees and Jeannine Lanoux
Charles and Jennifer Richard
Bobby Schexnayder
Andy and Kathy Vodicka
John and Gabrielle Witmer


Keith Breaux
Elizabeth T Brooks
Joey Doring
Kay Dupre
Keith Faulk
Eric and Andrea Gammons
Erin Helms
Sally Herpin
Laura Jean Hill
Georgie Mouton
Julie Murrin

Jody and Lenny Nederveld
Jean Ouellet
Bradley and Linda Pothier
Buz and Libby Reid
Tucker Sappington
Ann Schatzle
Willie Schutz
Betty Stappler
Deborah Amy and Dennis Sullivan
Stacey and Erik Zawacki


Adria Down South
Richard N. Arcuri Jr
Carson Blanchard
Nancy and Paul Body
David Card
Amy Chauvin
Mary-Lynn Conque-Martin
Brad Cradeur
John Cucinotta
Peter and Allison DeHart
Dane Durand
Bill Durio
Paul Eaton
Mick Essex
Sandra and Al Forman
Mary Grace Hebert
Don Holbert

Kevin Judice
Tim and Tammy Kelly
Alyce LaBry and Emily Borgen
Gus Levy
Claire Lowry
Neekee McDonald
Mike and Camille Meagher
Hailey Moon
Paix Running
Jeanne Plaisance
Stephen Pogue
Lucile Prejean
Debbie Pritchett
Suzanne Rees
Rebecca Rivet
Renee Roberts
Maurianna Robichaux
Kim and Erin Roy

Charles Salassi
Elizabeth Savoy
Charles and Kathleen Scrader
Jamie Simmons
James Simon
Ann Snyder
Jeanne Solis
Joan Sonnier
Mary Sonnier
Richard Stokes and Cherie Royer
Brandon and Joan Wallace
Jerome Walters
Russell Walters
Cathy Webre
Mike and Gayle Webre
Becca White
Lalith Wijayasuriya
Jerry and Kate Zutell