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The Acadiana Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO) is a music education program whose mission is to nurture the musical abilities of our community’s talented youth and inspire their creativity by providing high quality professional instruction, varied performance opportunities in diverse settings, as well as opportunities to perform alongside our immensely talented professional orchestra musicians. ASYO reestablished 3 years ago as an integral part of ASO’s Conservatory and the program is now being built from the “strings” up. Currently, ASYO is made up of 40 young string musicians who study violin, viola, cello, and double bass as they explore various styles of music from contemporary film scores to rock, classical, rock, country, jazz, and many others. ASO looks forward to continuing to build the Youth Orchestra’s additional instrument sections with the endlessly talented youth we find here in Acadiana. For more information please visit our website
Acadiana Symphony Youth Orchestra a été réinstitué il y a 3 ans comme faisant partie intégrale du conservatoire de l’Acadiana Symphony Orchestra et leur programme est perpétuellement réinventé. Actuellement, ASYO est composé de 40 jeunes musiciens et leurs instruments à cordes. Ils se produisent dans des styles completement différents qui s’éténdent de la musique originale de films, au rock en passant par la musique country ou le jazz.

Performance Lineup:

04/28/2018 11:30 am Scène TV5 MONDE Lafayette

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