Bagad Plougastell

Homebase:France – Bretagne

Genre: Breton tradional music
The strength and vitality of Bagad Plougastell has come from the high level of musical energy of its musicians throughout the 45 years of the Breton pipe-band’s existence.

Since the creation of the Bagad, the Breton pipe-band has never forgotten its roots by always promoting proudly its traditional musical heritage, while also combining it with a variety of different popular world music, allowing it to broaden its creative horizons. The music that our pipe-band plays is above all grounded in the energetic Breton identity and culture.

This lively and modern music hails from the extraordinary Breton traditional music repertoire and inspires our numerous creations as well as each of our musicians.

The Bagad Plougastell is made up of four main different instrumental groups directed by the orchestra conductor, the “Penn Soner” which is translated in Breton as the “head-player”.

The Bagad was founded in 1973 and has proudly represented the Plougastell peninsula, situated near the town of Brest, in maintaining and promoting its vibrant and unique identity.

Since 1987, the Bagad Plougastell has participated in numerous musical championships and has distinguished itself by winning many titles and ranking amongst the most famous Breton pipe bands.

There are more than 120 musicians within the organisation which is divided into 3 main pipe bands, the Bagad, the Bagadig and the Skolaj. The latter pipe-bands allow the Bagad to give the opportunity to younger musicians to familiarise themselves with Breton traditional pipe band music.

Thanks to its numerous artistic collaborations, energy and vitality the Bagad has travelled throughout Brittany, France and the world

These four instrumental groups are: Bag-pipes / Snare drums / Bombardes (traditional Breton instrument) / Percussions

The Bagad Plougastell enjoys as much playing on stage as well as parading through the streets. The Breton pipe-band has offered entertainment and shows in various places by frequently traveling across Brittany and the world.

The Bagad Plougastell has also produced numerous shows including:

2005 Lusk ha Lamm

2009 Kadañs

2016 Tridal

The Bagad released a CD in 2010 called Kant Bro, Kant Giz.

The pipe-band has also played across a number of town: New York / Montreal / Ottawa / Guadalajara / Sharjah / Casablanca / Bruxelles / Paris / Gijon / Strakonice…

Musical Collaborations:

Cercle Celtique (Traditional Breton dancers):
The Bagad has a long-lasting history of co-working with various Breton traditional dance groups allowing us to showcase our music with the help of the dancers.

Street performances:
For over 20 years we have collaborated with the French street arts sector, notably the remarkable Compagnie Oposito. As a result of these two decades of various artistic collaborations, street art performances now play a significant and integral role in demonstrating our uniqueness as a Bagad.

Other collaborations:
The Bagad is endlessly enthusiastic in widening its musical repertoire and opening its musical horizons to other genres.

Fondé en 1973, le Bagad Plougastell, porte les couleurs de son territoire qui, aux portes de Brest a su cultiver et conserver son identité forte et singulière.

C’est à travers le dynamisme et l’énergie de ses musiciens que le Bagad Plougastell puise sa force et sa vitalité musicale depuis 45 ans.
Depuis toujours ancré dans son terroir et fier de son patrimoine musical, le Bagad a su mêler tradition populaire à d’autres formes artistiques lui permettant d’élargir ses horizons musicaux.

La musique que nous jouons est avant tout celle d’une identité culturelle forte, celle de la Bretagne. Plus que jamais, cette musique vivante et contemporaine, prenant ses sources dans l’extraordinaire répertoire musical breton, est l’inspiratrice de chaque sonneur du Bagad et de nos créations.

Participant depuis 1987 aux concours du Championnat National des bagadoù, le Bagad Plougastell a remporté de nombreux titres et se classe aujourd’hui dans l’élite des bagadoù.

Le Bagad Plougastell, à l’aise sur scène comme dans la rue, propose au public tout au long de l’année de nombreuses prestations et spectacles, en parcourant la Bretagne et le reste du monde.

Performance Lineup:

04/25/2019 1:00 pm Street Animation
04/26/2019 1:00 pm Street Animation
04/27/2019 12:00 pm Scène des Jeunes
04/27/2019 1:00 pm Street Animation
04/28/2019 12:45 pm Scène TV5 MONDE Lafayette
04/28/2019 1:00 pm Street Animation
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