Burke Riley Cajun Quintet


Burke Riley, 10 year old son of legendary Cajun musician Steve Riley, began his musical journey at a very early age!

He started pounding skins at a mere 1 year of age. His dad would sit with him behind the drums in the living room of their small home at the time. In Steve’s words, “Our home, at the time was so small, that the only room big enough for a small drum set was the living room. I’m not sure how we tolerated it, but Burke had a precise, natural groove at a young age so we just encouraged his gift and dealt with the noise!”

By age 3, Burke was already onstage with the band Courtbouillon and the Mamou Playboys playing drums. His groove solid and natural talent undeniable even at such an early age.

At age 5 he transferred his rhythm skills to acoustic guitar. It was a natural progression that lead to his deepening knowledge of the importance of Cajun music’s groove.

He picked up accordion at age 6, excelling quickly, tackling all of the most difficult and complex songs first. He continued to polish his skill by regularly sitting in with two of Cajun music’s power house bands, the Mamou Playboys and High Performance. This year he placed first place in his age category at the CFMA & Rice Festival accordion contests.

This kind hearted, talented young man, will wow you with is incredible musical ability and command of whatever instrument he plays! He’s one of the new generation, quickly taking his place among the greats with whom he was raised playing!