DG & the Freetown Sound


Genre:Soul/Rock n’ Roll
Louisiana’s Funky Soul/ Rockn Soul

Lafayette’s performing 5 piece offers a full soul sound! Hailing from the heart of the Hub City, DG & the Freetown Sound brings their heavy influence of vintage soul/ southern soul together with high energy blues rock n roll. Their original songs are stacked with big horn hits and dancing electric guitars. The upbeat rhythms meld punching drum grooves and thumping bass, keeping audiences on their feet. With organ beaming in the background, front man and songwriter Dustin Gaspard, delivers sporadic Van Morrison-eque melodies and an undeniable energetic feeling. Through their music a lost conviction is displayed, and for each performance the encouraging thought for listeners to “dance like no one is watching.”

Debut single “Shoulders” is a RocknSoul anthem praising the sounds of the past and focusing on the community of song. While the choir sings “ I’LL BE THE SHOULDER YOU CAN LEAN ON!” this refrain offers a helping hand and a catchy reminder to celebrate, sing and to dance alongside the Freetown Sound. Debut album “Microphone Inheritance pt.1”out now.