Francisco, El Hombre


Francisco, el Hombre is more than the personification of an old legend. The project began with Sebastián and Mateo Piracés-Ugarte, but truly spread it’s wings when they got together with fellow musicians Andrei Kozyreff, Juliana Strassacapa, Erin O’Connor, Victor V-B and André Cardoso. Having perfectly mixed their Mexican roots with their Brasilian and American upbringing, the band embodies a global aspect which they themselves translate as “noisy transamerican transculturalism”. The band is mainly influenced by Latin-American artwork, although the brothers’ travels through Africa, Europe, North and South America presented them with larger perspective of this cosmopolitan spirit. While playing on the streets, squares, jungles and large venues, Francisco, el Hombre’s contagious energy is unquestionable, regardless of the language they choose to sing in.