Grand Nathaniel & the Ghosts


Genre:dance rock
For all his singing about light and fire, J Burton is most comfortable in darkness. He’s a long-suffering songwriter — going on 20 years and counting — with a knack for a pessimist’s nostalgia, preferring to cast the amber of the past as faded glory.

His latest mask, Grand Nathaniel & The Ghosts, reincarnates the sound of virginity lost in the Reagan era — the dour dance beat of sexual ambivalence, the phony sweep of synth strings and organs, misfired drum machines, the raw edge of jaded guitars.

Backed by long time collaborators Brycen Gaddis, Ian Guidroz and Jim Kolacek, Burton’s turn as Grand Nathaniel & The Ghosts revisits the landscape of his misspent youth on the early frontiers of alternative rock.

Burton cribbed his artistic cues from years living in the fallout era of post-R.E.M. Athens, Ga., picking through the ashes of the southern American underground to find the scribblings of obscured legends like Pylon and The dB’s. Grand Nathaniel begins in the 1990s and works backwards, traveling from Athens up the East Coast on a reverse musical timeline, taking in the post-hardcore, prog positivity of DIY Washington D.C. (Trans Am) and the chipped-tooth chic of disco punk New York City (ESG, Liquid Liquid).

Grand Nathaniel’s No Wave revivalism shoots out the lights, blacks out the ball, and hands the party over to the punks. There’s a cloud hanging over the disco floor, and that’s the way they like it.

Malgré ses chansons sur le feu et la lumière, J Burton est plus à l’aise dans les ténèbres. Auteur-compositeur torturé depuis plus de 20 ans, il verse dans le pessimisme et la nostalgie, préférant toujours la pâle gloire du passé au présent. Son dernier groupe, Grand Nathaniel & The Ghosts, tente de recréer une sonorité virginale perdue à l’ère de Reagan. Soutenu par ses collaborateurs de longue date, Brycen Gaddis, Ian Guidroz et Jim Kolacek, Burton se transforme en Grand Nathaniel and the Ghosts et revisite le paysage de sa jeunesse et des premières ébauches de rock alternatif. Un nuage de melancolie plane au dessus de la piste de danse… et c’est ca qu’ils aiment!

Performance Lineup:

04/29/2018 4:45 pm LUS LA Craft Biergarten

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