Jaryd Lane & the Parish


Genre:Country/Southern Rock
There is a sense of honesty, integrity, richness and power that speaks true through the sounds of Jaryd Lane allowing him to reach his audience in a way that seems near effortless. He connects to ordinary working people through lyrics that make a simple testament to their dreams, aspirations and hopes. Primarily based off of southern roots, this rootsy rocker has earned and gained the respect of music lovers ranging from rock to country to blues. Hailing from the Gulf coast of south Louisiana, Lanes songs speak of high lonesome stories tapping into God, sin, love, family, hardships and highs n lows in a Skynyrd grit and Segers drift sort of way. The characters in the songs, more times than none biographical, always tend to be relatable allowing his reputation as an artist/songwriter to grow in turn giving the listener a sense of wealth. As the old saying goes: ‘You can’t fake it if you’re gonna make it, you gotta live it’. The long road to Lane as we know has been all but eventful at times. With deals gone sour Lane has proved that you could take ones innocence and attempt to leave like a kinlen for the coal, but the harder the life the sweeter the song. With a raw, rough-edged and emotional voice Lane has refused to be captured or tamed hitting the scene eager to build an even greater legion of fans. With such authenticity, Lane words are not only believable but you get a glimpse through his own eyes of his own frustrations, hopes and dreams that he has felt. Some may call that lost, but he calls it freedom. Having had the opportunity to share the stage with acts such as Bad Company, Aaron Lewis, Darius Rucker, Travis Tritt, Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Edwin McCain has helped this southerner turn more than a few heads and is sure to keep em turning. With a determination and hunger to be heard, Lane is proof that if you do something long enough people will hear. With an acoustic based rootsy rockin southern sound, Lane is coming off his 9th independent studio released album titled ‘DUST N BONES-VOL. 1’, featuring 6 unplugged and raw tracks of some his biggest musical influences. Alongside his full band shows with (The Parish), Lane is also stringing up a number of solo acoustic shows called ‘DUST N BONES SESSIONS’ featuring Lane in a no smoke, no lights, just a guitar and a pile of songs enviroment. We invite you to listen to the sounds of Jaryd Lane. Ride Easy!!
Jaryd Lane possède un mélange vocal distinctif de soul, de blues et de country du Sud qui ouvre la voie à un sentiment d’honnêteté, d’intégrité, de richesse et de puissance qui se manifeste chaque fois qu’il monte sur scène. Combinez cela à son talent d’auteur-compositeur, et Jaryd Lane communique avec son public d’une manière qui semble presque sans effort. Il est né et a grandi dans le sud de la Louisiane. Les chansons de Jaryd Lane puisent dans tout ce qu’il y a de bon dans le Sud. La famille, Dieu, l’amour, le travail acharné et les bons moments, ainsi que les mauvais moments, sont tous à la base de ses chansons. Qu’il s’agisse d’une mise en scène acoustique plus intime ou d’une production scénique avec son groupe, The Parish, Jaryd s’adresse à des gens ordinaires qui travaillent dur par des paroles qui témoignent non seulement de ses rêves, aspirations et espoirs, mais aussi des leurs. L’émotion brute et la conviction de ces éléments, entrelacés avec le dévouement de Jaryd Lane à divertir ses fans, vous mèneront sur un chemin musical qui, par sa conception, est différent de “la norme”.

Performance Lineup:

04/28/2019 12:30 pm JD Bank Pavillon de Cuisine
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