Jelly Toast


Genre:Dreamy Folk Pop
Harmony-fueled duet, JELLY TOAST, is comprised of best friends- Tif ‘teddy’ Lamson and Julie Odell. Since having played music together since they were 16, sneaking into bars… their new project is a bountiful spread of those year’s experiences and secrets gathered over time.
Like their band name, they can seem simple. However, with a closer look, we find ourselves wrapped in complimenting flavors and complex emotions. They combine their original tunes with folk/pop classics to create a charming set that’s nostalgic yet new.

Both born and raised in Louisiana, they’re music can be compared to the nature of the swamp. Sometimes, they calmly sway humming serene dreamscapes and reverent hymns; while other times they thrash their way through the mud with raspy harmonies and ratchet rhythms.
It’s clear they are both Moon and Sun: an orbiting balance of dark and light, sorrow and joy. You’ll find as you experience their heart filled connection that they’re likened to the Lucy & Ethel of the musical, dirty South; and you too, will feel drawn to the warmth and comfort of the jelly toast.