Latino Pulse


Latino Pulse is a story of encounters, just as unlikely as fortunate, of passionate
music lovers who crossed multiple borders to find each other in the heart of Cajun

The story began in 2017 when Thanh-Mai united these global musicians for a sort
of freestyle Latin jam session on the terrace of the Cuban restaurant Pepin’s. For
the first time in Lafayette, sounds of montunos filled the air. Word of mouth
followed, and the requests started pouring in. The group, which initially included
six musicians, grew in 2018 when the addition of a horn section only enriched their
salsa sound, a style of music like no other.

Under the musical direction of Guillermo Rojas, Latino Pulse is the first salsa group
in Lafayette. Their musical style centers on two premises: discovering and
celebrating the heritage of big names in salsa dura and developing a repertory of
original works composed by Jimmy Louis-Marie and Guillermo Rojas, which echo
traditional salsa while integrating multiple contemporary influences including jazz,
Antillean beats, reggae, electronica and rap, among others.

Latino Pulse emerged through Louisiana’s festivals and lively music scene. The
image and spirit of Latino Pulse, at the same time local and international, is above
all celebratory, in its generosity, soul and joie de vivre. On stage, the group’s 12
musicians and singers devote all their energy and passion to captivate and move
you with their exhilarating sounds. As they say, salsa is the perfect mix of flavors
and spice!

Latino Pulse c’est l’histoire de rencontres, autant improbables qu’heureuses, de passionnés de musique à travers la France, les Antilles, les États-Unis, la Colombie, Cuba.
Le groupe s’est formé autour de la salsa, musique festive par excellence, afin de partager avec vous des danses endiablées avec joie de vivre et générosité.

Performance Lineup:

04/28/2019 12:00 pm Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do
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