Leyla McCalla: Presented by JD Bank


Leyla McCalla finds inspiration from her past and present, whether it is her Haitian heritage, living in New Orleans, dancing at Cajun Mardi Gras, or growing up on the streets in Brooklyn, she — a bi-lingual multi-instrumentalist, cellist and singer — has risen to produce a distinctive sound that reflects the union of her roots and experience. Leyla’s work unearthing history and musical tradition, combined with her knowledge of cultural hybridization and her own identity as a Haitian-American has given her an entirely unique voice & perspective. Her music reflects her eclectic and diverse life experiences, projecting a respect for eloquent simplicity that is rarely achieved.
Leyla McCalla puise son inspiration dans son passé et son présent, qu’il s’agisse de son héritage haïtien, ou encore son vécu à la Nouvelle-Orléans, des danses au Cajun Mardi Gras ou d’avoir grandit dans les rues de Brooklyn. Cette multi-instrumentiste, violoncelliste et chanteuse bilingue s’élève pour produire un son typique qui reflète l’union de ses racines et de son expérience.