Marcia Ball


Genre:Blues, Gulf Coast, Boogie Woogie
Texas-born, Louisiana-raised pianist, songwriter and vocalist Marcia Ball — the 2018 Texas State Musician Of The Year — has won worldwide fame and countless fans with her ability to ignite a full-scale roadhouse rhythm and blues party every time she takes the stage. Her rollicking Texas boogies, swampy New Orleans ballads and groove-laden Gulf Coast blues have made her a one-of-a-kind favorite with music lovers all over the world. Over the course of her five-decade career, Ball has recorded 15 solo albums, including six for Alligator Records (four of them Grammy-nominated). With each new release, including 2018’s Shine Bright, Ball’s reputation as a profoundly soulful singer, a boundlessly talented pianist and a courageous, inventive songwriter continues to grow. She draws her listeners deep into her music with instantly memorable melodies and imaginative imagery. Her songs paint vibrant musical pictures richly detailed with recognizable characters, regional flavors, universal themes and colorful scenes. Marcia’s love of the road has led to years of soul-satisfying performances at festivals, concert halls and clubs. Living Blues declares, “Her originals sound like timeless classics and southern soul masterpieces that no one else can imitate.” The New York Times says, “Marcia Ball plays two-fisted New Orleans barrelhouse piano and sings in a husky, knowing voice about all the trouble men and women can get into on the way to a good time.” The Houston Chronicle says simply, “She’s as perfect as an artist can be.” With both Shine Bright and her legendary live performances, Marcia Ball will shine a light into the darkness, making the world a brighter place one song at a time.
Née au Texas et élevée en Louisiane, la pianiste, compositrice et interprète Marcia Ball – musicienne de l’année au Texas en 2018 – a su gagner une reconnaissance mondiale et de nombreux fans en faisant de chacun de ses passages sur scène, un véritable évènement! Son dernier album s’intitule “Shine Bright”.

Performance Lineup:

04/29/2018 5:30 pm LUS Scène Internationale

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