Mydy Rabycad

Homebase:Czech Republic

Genre:Glamtronic, Electro-pop
In just five years on music scene they acquired status as one of the most productive bands in Czech Republic. After British Glastonbury festival concert or successful American tour, Mydy Rabycad proved that the success of Czech musicians can more than acceed the borders of their birth country. All it takes is to have a clear vision, passion and believe in yourself.
The story of the group reminds us of the script of Hollywood melodrama with sweet happy end. The band members met on a summer music camp. Then, around 15 years old, they were immediately connected by common passion for music. 
In the centre of new formation next to Nèro Scartch, sax player Mikulas and bass player Johny D stands charismatic singer Zofie Darbujanova. Thanks to her characteristic voice and charisma overall in combination with playful connection of electronics and swing music themes, they became the leading name of electroswing wave.
The band transitioned the atmosphere of elegant dance fever to their debut album Let Your Body Move in 2013. Two years later they confirmed that genre box of electroswing does not fit them anymore as they expanded their musical expression. On their second album the band introduces us to their own new music genre, the combination of electronic sounds and extravaganza looks – Glamtronic. The album baring the same name of Glamtronic earned the band status of hopeful electronic band that aimes at much bigger stages in near future.  
In last two years Mydy Rabycad introduced themselves at major European festivals leading by British Glastonbury. The band enjoyed their dreamed-of tour in United States of America as a pivotal moment in their career. 
Even after this Mydy Rabycad aim at new milestones and pivotal moments. The band members talk about another US and European tours or another visit of Asia as in the first Asian tour the band felt what it is like to experience total fan mania. 
The start of something new yet again comes with actual album M.Y.D.Y. recorded in Berlin’s Red Bull Studios. Mydy Rabycad continues to follow their own path without any sham nor genre-boxes. With on-point vision and belief in theirselves.
Mydy Rabycad a enflammé les boites de nuit et festivals européens avec leur show GLAMTRONIC… Le groupe a notamment été élu “préféré du public” au festival de Glastonbury en 2016! Véritable héros locaux à Prague, les membres de MYDY RABICAD sont animés par un unique but : transcender le public et le faire bouger! La combinaison d’une extraordinaire performance scénique et de leurs magnifiques compositions originales fait du groupe mené par la flamboyante Zofie, un “must see” du Festival.

Performance Lineup:

04/27/2018 8:45 pm Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do
04/28/2018 8:30 pm LUS Scène Internationale

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