Radio Zydeco


Genre:Lafayette Rock N’ Roll, Zydeco
With South Louisiana serving as a jumping off point, Lafayette’s own Radio Zydeco cut, twist, deconstruct and reassemble until they create a fusion of unorthodox sound. They bring an eclectic and relatable message into a music tradition rooted in care-free attitude and good-time vibes. Believing that if a person remembers their troubles it’s all the more reason to act to rid them. Dance is the means by which Radio Zydeco delivers. Leveling their influences to create the forthcoming EP, the band’s deep cut searches shine through on tracks like “Yeah U Rite”. Casting a wide net for influence including dancehall, swamp rock, and Zydeco. Its sure to cross any barriers, style or genre, placed in its path. All the boys come from strong music traditions including delta blues, Memphis soul, and all things South Louisiana. Radio Zydeco is music for everyone. Tell your friends and dem!
Zydeco Radio est un groupe innovant du sud de la Louisiane. Provenant de Lafayette, le groupe rend hommage à la musique traditionnelle qu’est le Zydeco en le mélangeant à des rythmes rock, soul, swamp pop et country. Leur musique s’écoute bien mieux qu’elle ne se décrit. A voir sur scène donc!

Performance Lineup:

04/28/2018 6:45 pm LUS LA Craft Biergarten

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