RAM has been producing quality music for over 30 years. Recently RAM released their
7th album, “August 1791”, their second release in 3 years.

Ancient African and Haitian drums intertwine harmoniously with electric guitar riffs and
swinging Caribbean melodies, led by the entrancing singer, Lunise, all combine for a
truly magical experience.

RAM featured on the Double Platinum-selling soundtrack Philadelphia. The band has
consistently gigged at the famed Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince, Haiti since 1990,
where the performances are known to take on another dimension. People frequently
describe a spiritual sensation when describing a RAM concert. You don’t simply go to a
RAM concert, you experience one.

RAM is proficient in delivering Drumming, Haitian Folklore Dance, and Haitian history
workshops respectively, having conducted them at the university, high school, and
elementary levels.