Sailor Mouth


“I’ve just always wanted this band to give people that real feel that soul music has been dishing out since it began. No smoke and mirrors, just raw emotion and good music. I think when you watch us live, it’s a testament to how much we love what we do”, says vocalist and drummer Gino Vallecillo.
Birthed from the rich culture and sounds of South Louisiana, Sailor Mouth is an RnB/Soul trio who aim to push the boundaries of the genre, while preserving the essence of the greats who came before them. Fusing elements of RnB, Soul, Funk, Blues, and Rock, their sound is an eclectic melting pot; constantly evolving. One thing is for sure, the delivery has been spot on from the start. Making their live debut in September of 2017, Sailor Mouth hasn’t pulled their foot off the gas pedal; winning over the hearts of audiences across the south and cementing themselves as one of Acadiana’s most sought after groups. While 2019 was another year of growth for the band, the work is far from over. The top of 2020 will signify the boys’ next big step, as they embark on a journey to pump out their Sophomore record, following the 2018 release of their debut EP, “Love Lost”. The stakes continue to grow, but so does the hunger; you can be sure to expect big things from the trio in the near future.