Sola Violins Presents: International Fiddle Summit


Genre:Cajun Fiddle and Songs
South Louisiana has been a very mixed neighborhood for 300 years. Its French, African, Caribbean, Irish, German and English cultures have been blended and distilled into their most satisfying forms. The Cajuns (Acadians) of South Louisiana are especially adept at retaining their own blend of top-shelf musical goods.

David Greely takes the swampy syncopations of Cajun music and its renaissance French dialect to new level of artistry. In solo acoustic performance, he sounds like two fiddles, weaving accompaniment to his vocals as if it’s someone else singing. His concerts embrace all the aspects of his heritage that a fiddle and voice can reach- ancient ballads, cane field blues, yearning waltzes and fiery two steps. He melds his ancestral legacy with his own adroit compositions and weaves it all into the story of how these people and their music came to be.

Born in Baton Rouge of Cajun and Irish ancestry, David learned Cajun music on dance hall stages throughout South Louisiana, in the archives of Cajun and Creole music at the University of Louisiana, and from his apprenticeship to Cajun fiddle master and National Heritage Fellow Dewey Balfa. As a founding member of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, David toured folk festivals worldwide for 23 years and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. He received the Louisiana Artist Fellowship Award for Folklife Performance, and for six years was an adjunct instructor of Cajun fiddle and vocals at the University of Louisiana.

David Greely élève la musique cadienne et l’héritage francophone issu de la renaissance à un nouveau niveau artistique. Lors de concerts acoustique solo, on croirait entendre deux violons accompagnant sa voix comme si une autre personne chantait.
Ses concerts embrassent tous les aspects de cet héritage qu’un violon et une voix peuvent atteindre : ballades anciennes, blues des champs de canne à sucre, valses ardentes et two-step enflammés. Il fusionne cet héritage ancestral et ses propres compositions adroites, et intègre le tout à l’histoire de la genèse de cette communauté et cette musique.

Performance Lineup:

04/27/2019 3:30 pm KATC / LA Folk Roots Chat Room