Soul Creole


Genre:Creole Zydeco
Soul Creole brings a modern voice to Louisiana traditions. While singing and improvising in French and English, the band melds Creole, Zydeco, and Cajun music with popular influences in a musical opacity that keeps audiences of all genres satisfied. The three members of Soul Creole bring uniquely authentic and fresh perspectives on a music that continues to evolve. Soul Creole was formed in 2012 by Ashlee Wilson Michot on t-fer, Grammy nominee Corey Ledet on accordion, and Grammy Award winner Louis Michot on fiddle. All three musicians take lead vocals, harmony, and are always backed by some of the top bass and drum in Louisiana music. Soul Creole is a crossroads for the diverse cultures and music celebrated in South Louisiana.

Trois Rangs, slated for release on Oct 11, is the groups first single. Written by Ashlee Michot, honors the tradition of the number 3, or the Trinity, in Louisiana culture. The 3 sides of the triangle, the 3 instruments in Louisiana Creole music,
Written by a woman, sung by a woman in French, zydeco
Corey Ledet (a.k.a. The Accordion Dragon) leads the group