The Flying Balalaika Brothers


Genre:Phico – Gypsy Rock and Roll
Zhenya Kolykhanov (Zhenya Rock) graduated from Tchaikovsky Music College in Vologda, Russia, in 1984. He later came to the United States to study critical thinking, reading and fine arts at the University of Delaware. In addition to the balalaika, Mr. Kolykhanov plays guitar, composes songs for television, and creates art for commercials.
Sergey Vashchenko earned a bachelor’s degree in conducting and balalaika from Lysenko State Music College in Poltava, Ukraine, in 1980 and a master’s in orchestral conducting, teaching and balalaika performance from the Mussorgsky Ural State Conservatory in Sverdlovsk, Russia, in 1985. Vaschenko’s experience includes: Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Perm State Institute of Culture in Perm, Russia; soloist for the Latvian Chamber Orchestra “Lira”; music educator in Russia, Latvia, Spain, Dallas and Austin; and guest conductor for the Houston Balalaika Society. He won an international award at the music festival in Segovia, Spain, and was a contender for a 2003 and 2008 Grammy Award in the World Music category.”

The post went on to elaborate on the group’s outreach efforts in area schools:

“In addition to touring and performing, they began successfully presenting educational programs in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian) to students of Texas public and private schools, celebrating the arts in all its diversity by providing a unique approach to studying both the profound similarities and distinctive differences of people throughout history and around the world.”

Mr. Kolykhanov and Mr. Vashchenko have formed a non-profit organization called Musical Connections in order to fund and facilitate educational opportunities for young people. Musical Connections and The Flying Balalaika Brothers have a symbiotic relationship in that the non-profit provides an administrative foundation for the band’s artistic objectives, while the band personifies the non-profit. The non-profit’s official website articulates its mission:

Musical Connections is a Texas domestic nonprofit corporation, organized to promote a greater understanding of the music of the world through performances, cultural exchanges, musical history and heritage, and by educating the public about the multitude of music produced by cultures around the world. The founders believe that many people in this country fail to appreciate the great variety of music produced in the world today principally because they have not been educated about that music, or have not had chance to hear it performed.

Créé en 1995 par le virtuose de la guitare Eugeniy Kolykhanov, alias Zhenya Rock, le groupe Flying Balalaika Brothers a commencé son voyage à Los Angeles avant de s’établir à Austin, au Texas. Sergey Vashchenko, formé à la balalaïka classique, a rejoint FBB en 2006. Depuis plus de 23 ans, le groupe a joué devant des publics très divers à travers le monde. Leur mélange unique de folk tzigane, de rock électrique et de performances visuelles interactives dynamiques est un mélange intrigant de styles culturels distinctifs et variés sur accordéon, balalaïka prima, guitares acoustiques et électriques, batterie et leur signature, la balalaïka basse – et la contrebasse en triangle qui a été un élément central de la musique populaire russe pendant des siècles.
Aujourd’hui, Balalaika Brothers est un groupe de 4 musiciens basé à Austin, Texas. Il présente généralement 4 programmes différents, du folk au rock électrique, pour différents publics selon l’événement, des festivals à haute énergie aux spectacles acoustiques assis, en passant par des spectacles pour des occasions privées et des mariages.

Performance Lineup:

04/25/2019 7:45 pm Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do
04/27/2019 1:15 pm Scène TV5 MONDE Lafayette
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