The Meditations


As part of the foundation of reggae music, The Meditations have over fifty years producing, writing, arranging, and performing for fans all over the world. They performed at the historical ONE LOVE PEACE CONCERT , in Jamaica, held April 22, 1978, at the request of Bob Marley, who they had been working with on several projects at the time. Their sweet melodies can be heard on Bob’s classic “ Punky Reggae Party “ and “ Blackman Redemption “ .
Jimmy Cliff, Sly and Robbie, Philip Smart, Willie Lindo and Gregory Isaac are a few of the legends who have also worked with the band. These contributions have sculpted the sound of Roots Rock Reggae over the years, making The Meditations a fundamental and essential part of reggae music.

Currently, they’ve released a new album titled “Can’t Stop The Flow Of Life “.
The star-studded set of musicians, who came together to make this album possible, did not disappoint at all. You have the legendary Sly Dunbar, whose melodies have set the pace for the culture time and time again. Sly plays the majority of drums on this album. On keys, you have the multi talented Sidney Mills, from the legendary Reggae band “ Steal Pulse”. Bass on this album is being played by so many legends , it’s crazy. Musicians like Lloyd Parks , who has an impressive resume, spanning over three decades, and Neville Morris, whose resume includes Lady Saw and Mr. Vegas, just to name a few. Legendary bass player Robert “ Robbie “ Shakespeare , who needs absolutely no introductions, and finally the legendary , multi talented, writer and producer Willie Lindo, who wrote and produced classics for Beres Hammond and Dennis Brown, play on the record. So The Meditations are still going strong, still putting in that work after all these years.

Over the past few years, Ansel (who has produced all of The Meditations’ albums excluding three) has been the only remaining original member of The Meditations to continue touring.  Accompanying him for over 10 years now as background vocalist are Laury Webb (who is also featured on The Good Of Man album) and DaddyLion Chandell. Together, they’ve been touring the United States performing for fans at venues like the world famous Wild Hare and the Red Rock Amphitheater, of which they performed recently with Collie Buddz , Protoje , Morgan Heritage and Rebelution, during their 2019 summer tour.

The Meditations est l’un des groupes reggae préférés de la Jamaïque. Ils écrivent et produisent de la musique depuis 1974. Vous pouvez entendre leurs douces mélodies sur Punky Reggae Party et Blackman Redemption de Bob Marley. Leur contribution au titre Roots, Rock, Reggae ne peut être mesurée. Ils ont inspiré des musiciens de tous les coins de notre belle planète. Des musiciens d’Afrique et d’Europe ont tendu la main au groupe pour transmettre leur amour. Ils ont travaillé avec certains des meilleurs – Sly & Robbie, Gregory Isaac, Jimmy Cliff et Bob Marley pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns. Le record de succès de The Meditations, Running From Jamaica, peut être entendu dans le film d’Eddie Murphy, The Holy Man. Récemment, ils ont terminé une tournée à travers le pays, partageant la scène avec Collie Buddz et Morgan Heritage au célèbre Red Rocks Amphitheatre dans le Colorado. Ils ont également récemment sorti un nouvel album, intitulé Can’t Stop The Flow Of Life, qui est un excellent moyen de décrire ce groupe, car vous ne pourrez pas entacher la motivation ou l’engagement des Meditations.