The Underhill Family Orchestra


Genre:Southern Progressive Pop/ Rock and Roll Americana
Alabama natives and continental vagabonds, The Underhill Family Orchestra — a 5-piece Progressive Americana-Pop outfit — have sought to push their own boundaries musically, physically, mentally and emotionally since the release of their 2018 album “Tell Me That You Love Me,” and bringing their sound to new cities and new faces — from New York to San Francisco, ATL to LA, and everywhere in between.

Taking this same dedicated approach, they have vowed to take their “outright anthemic,” “more-please music” through the trenches of new attitudes, concepts, and fresh ideas without sacrificing their noted “smiles-all-around good time” or “feisty” take on the sounds they labor [bring into existence?], creating — “chemical reactions that are a pleasure to behold.”

Taking their compositions to “idyllic places” that make you want to “paint your face, forget your age, and kiss a stranger” remains the goal. The “bare-knuckled nature” of their sound and command of the “intricate, melancholy and densely literate” themes in the songs they create invoke a “sense of riot” with their arm-swingin’, foot-stompin’, Appalachia-inspired sound that fuses “sheer pop catchiness” with “rootsier, grittier elements” remains the result.

The TUFO boys and girl are hard at work to bring new music into the new decade. However, their main objective—to create meaningful and thoughtful art— takes a soft-spoken backseat to their ultimate goal as the band “feels no pressure to exist within the imaginary confines of genre, and if the group wants to be defined by anything, it’s not their sound, but the culture they’ve been able to create: it’s the idea of community, the idea of family, which applies indiscriminately to everyone from frontman to newest fan.”

Originaires de l’Alabama et vagabonds sur le continent, le groupe de Americana Pop progressif composé de 5 membres, The Underhill Family Orchestra, a cherché à repousser ses propres limites musicalement, physiquement, mentalement et émotionnellement depuis la sortie de leur album de 2018 intitulé Tell Me That You Love Me en emmenant leur musique dans de nouvelles villes, face à de nouveaux visages – de New York à San Francisco, de l’ATL à LA, et partout entre les deux côtes.
En adoptant cette même approche dévouée, ils ont juré de faire entendre leur « anthémique pure et simple », « une musique qui vous donne toujours envie de plus » aux travers de nouvelles attitudes, de nouveaux concepts et de nouvelles idées sans sacrifier leur notable « bon moment tout sourire » ou « fougueux » repris sur les morceaux qu’ils élaborent, créant « des réactions chimiques qui sont un plaisir à observer».