Tribu Baharú


TRIBU BAHARÚ is an afro-champeta music crew from the Colombian caribbean coast, that is influenced by the “Picó” (Pick Up or sound system) culture. A Local Culture present in most Caribbean countries, with a history of more than 6 decades, especially in Cartagena and Barranquilla. They play “live” without loosing the particular performance and sound of the “sound system” as lived in the “Verbena” dances (dance parties set up in the neighborhoods during bank holidays). Those parties generate an emotional sensation in the dancers that is called “Goce Champetúo” with the music that was brought by the Afrikan communities to America. TRIBU BAHARÚ was founded in 2009, when a group of friends with Afro-Caribbean affinity start to meet in Bogota. Out of these meetings was born Tribu Baharu. Now Tribu Baharú has become one of the main exponents of Champeta music in the Colombian Capital and is ready to take the crazy Champeta abroad.

It’s been denigrated and damned, boycotted and banned, but it can never be stopped: champeta, the ever evolving, high-energy hybrid of Colombian, African and Afro-Caribbean styles just keeps on coming. And leading a new charge are Tribu Baharú, barrelling out of Bogotá, championing their version of champeta, inspired by the legendary, street-shaking Picó sound-systems of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, but here played all-live-onstage with sparkling Congolese guitar driven by high-speed bass and drums and the all-animating upfront singers. Tribu Baharú is part of a wave of Nuevas Músicas Colombianas based in the capital city that are reestablishing it as a prime force and adding more ingredients to the recipe.

TRIBU BAHARÚ’s main objective is to convey the joy of being Afro-Colombian and Caribbean through exuberant dance using music as a vehicle. Tribu Baharú contributes to change the negative colective imagery of the Champeta Culture by transmitting positive messages through their music thanks to their philosophy of life “ La Bacaneria” (good vibes). They are embassadors of the good will around this popular culture that comes from the marginal neighbohoods of the caribbean coast.

Some of the most remarkable goals achieved by Tribu have been the official selection by Womex 2014 for Showcase, Artist of The year 2014 by our National Radio Station Señal Radio Colombia, Selected Artist “My Music” by the Shock Music Awards, Top #1 for three weeks on the radio station VIVA Colombia based in London and Spain, Ambassadors of the Cultural campaign “ Ser Champetuo es Bacano” and going on tour with Diblo Dibala on its Colombian Tour, amongst others.

Originaire de Bogotá, Colombie, Tribu Baharú est un groupe de musique afro-champeta dont le son a évolué depuis les Caraïbes colombiennes et est influencé par la culture “Pico” (sound system) de Barranquilla et Cartagena.

Champeta désigne un couteau utilisé par les pêcheurs pour enlever les écailles de poisson, mais le terme décrit également la musique de la côte atlantique de la Colombie, influencée par la musique populaire colombienne, Soukous-Rhumba (congo), Soweto Township-Jive, et autres musiques des Caraïbes comme le zouk, calipso, soca, compa et reggae.

Fondé en 2009, Tribu Baharú s’est développé pour devenir l’ensemble Afro-Champeta le plus important sur la scène internationale actuelle.

Le groupe s’est produit dans de nombreux festivals et salles de concert de renommée mondiale et a collaboré avec des artistes reconnus et divers tels que Diblo Dibala du Congo, Alfredo de la Fe (Cuba/États-Unis/Colombie) et récemment avec le célèbre Preservation Hall Jazz Band de la Nouvelle Orléans.

Performance Lineup:

04/28/2019 4:15 pm LUS Scène Internationale