UL Lafayette Latin Ensemble

Homebase:Louisiana/Cuba/Puerto Rico

Genre:Latin Dance Music
Led by Colombian percussionist Guillermo Rojas Ahumada, the UL Lafayette Latin Music Ensemble focuses on the Afro-Latin repertoire incorporating both dance music and Latin-jazz sonorities. As part of the university’s curriculum in traditional music, the educational goal is to teach students how to play and present these rich musical traditions. Styles such as mambo, son montuno, cha-cha-cha, bomba and plena, sparkle in this group’s vibrant and colorful performance.
L’ensemble de la musique latin de l’Université de Louisiane à Lafayette s’agit du répertoire afro-latin, en incorporant la musique de danse et aussi le jazz latin. Les styles comme mambo, son montuno, cha-cha-cha, bomba, et plena scintillent quand ce groupe les jouer.