Acadiana’s cuisine is world-renowned, unique and enticing. The rich culinary landscape of the area offers an international experience all in one place. Pulling influences from Spain, France, Africa, and beyond, our area chefs create dynamic dishes that truly represent the spirit of Festival. Whether you are coming as a local to explore dishes from other cultures, or a traveler that wants to dive into Louisiana cuisine, we take pride in the variety and quality of our food vendors at Festival International de Louisiane.

For Festival 2021, we, like everyone else, had to pivot with the changes around us.  Our team accepted this challenge and we are currently creating new ways to experience this cultural event and the cuisine that it is known and loved for. Our local restaurants took a big hit from covid and we hope you will join us in coming together to support them.

Stay tuned for news and info about how YOU can get a taste of Festival this April.