Virtual Festival Saturday

AOC Digital Archive Presentation:

shown on AOC TV and AOC Facebook page

2:00Chic GamineManitoba2013
3:15BajoliDR Congo/Belgium2014

Virtual Festival Friday, presented by LUS:

on AOC TV and Festival International Facebook Page

We will be streaming these shows live on our Facebook Page. Ideally, try to watch on a TV or computer with some good speakers.

5:001Natu CamaraGuineaVirtual
 2Red BaraatIndia/U.S.2017
 3Eric DionQuébecVirtual
6:004Leyla McCallaLouisiana/HaitiVirtual
 5GuGu Drum Group from ShanghaiChina2017
 6Nathan & the Zydeco Cha ChasLouisianaVirtual
 8SpoutniqueNew BrunswickVirtual
 11Brother DegeLouisianaVirtual
 12Nomadic MassiveQuébec/Cuba/France/Brazil2015
 13Soul CreoleLouisianaVirtual
8:0014Balkan Beat BoxIsrael/France2017
 15Radio RadioNova Scotia/New BrunswickVirtual