Festival International is getting rid of beverage tickets!
Introducing the new RFID wristband payment system,
sponsored by IBERIABANK

Thank you so much for using our new RFID payment system!


To log in to your digital wallet to review your purchases, or to create your account in order to apply for your cash refund, Click here.


The refund process has begun. Here are the details:

All refunds are subject to a $5.00 refund processing fee.

  • Credit & Debit Card: Leftover funds in your digital wallet, purchased online or onsite at the event using a credit or debit card, will automatically be refunded back to your card (less a $5.00 refund processing fee) within 10 business days following the end of the event.
  • Cash: Leftover funds in your digital wallet, purchased onsite at the event using cash, will require you to complete a Manual Refund Form from your online account page (less a $5.00 refund processing fee).

Note: This fee is charged by Festival to cover the gateway processing fees, bank wire transfer fees (for cash refunds), as well as other costs of the system.

The deadline to apply for a manual refund is May 13, 2018. Upon verification of your Manual Refund Form, the refund will be processed within 10 business days following the closure of the refund period.



When you arrive at the festival, you will have to go get your cashless wristband at the Top-up station (formerly known as Ticket booths). To pay using your RFID wristband, you will start by “topping-up” and loading money to your cashless account using cash, credit, or debit  – think of it like a pre-paid account. Once you make purchases by double-tapping your wristband at vendor locations, the amount spent will automatically be deducted from your account balance. If you run out of credit, you can recharge and top-up again  (or set your account to “Auto Top-up” and never return to the Top-up station again! By enabling Auto Top-up, you can enjoy Festival with ease and get your unused money refunded back to your card after Festival *$5 processing fee will apply)

You can top-up your account in two (2) convenient ways:

  • Set up your digital wallet by clicking here!
  • “Top-up Stations” (formerly known as Ticket booths) located throughout Festival


  • Faster transaction times
  • Shorter lines
  • No need to hit the ATM
  • Less risk of losing your wallet and money
  • Better control of your budget and spending (you choose how much to top-up)
  • Digital receipts (registered users get email notifications)
  • Super convenient (your wristband is on you at all times)
  • Worry-free experience and more time to enjoy the event!
  • Get your unused money refunded back to you after Festival! ($5 processing fee will apply)


Wristband registration for Amis and pass holders begins on April 13, 2018. Check back then to get your Cashless wristband registered! (if you haven’t signed up to be an Ami or bought your passes yet, do it now! (click on Support or Passes in the main menu)

*wristbands are due to arrive on April 10, so you will get yours when you pick up your Ami packets and / or Festival passes.